tbi_logo_wbgWhy Working For An NGO Is Good For You: My Experience Of Asmat

“My time in Soda taught me things that I could never learn in a classroom, or in the privileged environment to which I belong. More importantly, it has helped me become a better version of myself.”

tbi_logo_wbgMake the most of internships

“Competitive edge, high stipends and exposure… lucrative opportunities abound for students. Companies are utilising students’ innovation and intellect. “

tbi_logo_wbgHow A 14-Day Stay In Rural Rajasthan Made Me More Aware Of Our Reality

“The roads that we walk upon slowly and steadily carve our paths and make us what we are. The road to Soda is now one of them. And yes, that has made all the difference.

tbi_logo_wbgDU Students Adopted Soda Village in Rajasthan. And Started Transforming It, One Issue at a Time!

“Asmat, a volunteering program by DU students, for students!”

dailyhunt_logoDU Students Adopted Soda Village in Rajasthan. And Started Transforming It, One Issue at a Time! 

“Many of my friends said they would love to help but when I searched the internet for ways in which college students in India could volunteer, I found nothing,” says Lavanya. 

That’s how Asmat was born in 2014, as a platform for college students to volunteer.”

campus-diariesThe Initiation of Asmat

“After months of planning, laying bare the realities, facing cynicism and appreciation in one breath, we found ourselves in a bus with 14 young and driven individuals, organizing Asmat’s pilot volunteer program in Soda.”

Lady Shri Ram Girls Touch Lives in a Remote Rajasthan Village

“A bunch of Delhi college students are changing women’s lives in a remote Rajasthan village by imparting education, helping pensioners and marketing handicrafts made by locals.”

DU Students Adopt Village in Rajasthan

“Asmat seeks to make the urban youth aware of the realities of Indian villages and initiate sanitation, literacy for women and education for children in the village.”

All for a Good Cause: Join Asmat in Improving the State of a Rajasthani Village 

“Each volunteer has their story, possibly each villager has his/her story over the past two and a half years over the course of 6 volunteering programs. Each program had its own story…Working in Soda is the most important thing I’ve done, and it motivated my Masters.”

 yka-logo-black-jpegWhat You Can Do to Improve Healthcare for the Residents of this Rajasthani Village

“We will arrange doctors to conduct a general check up of about 35 residents of Soda, saving them crucial money from their income and pensions.”


dub-logo1-1What Being an Asmat Volunteer Taught Me

“The power of juxtaposition, of understanding the complexities of village life bought about inequalities; simply getting electricity, walking two km a day to get water.”