The Awakening

A poem written by Tvisha, based on her experience in Soda village.

Picture by Tvisha Nevatia

Picture by Tvisha Nevatia

Isn’t it a beautiful sunrise?
Prefixed by crowing roosters and suffixed by dancing peacocks.

With pots of water upon her head
The effortless gait only less shocking than her broad smile.
It’s a pretty sight but she has chores to complete,
Before her limbs succumb to afternoon’s heat.

The entire village is a playground for the little folks,
Not a level playing field, but full of possibilities nonetheless.
The innocence of childhood is intact,
But some fictitious divides to them are facts.

Sanguine still is sky, for these are rays of hope.
Learning has set in, some unlearning is needed,
The sun has risen, an awakening is needed.


-Tvisha Nevatia, Summer 2015 Volunteer and Core Team Advisor

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