What We Do

“India lives in its villages” and 50% of its population is below the age of 25.

We at Asmat, aim to mobilise this young population to work towards developing these villages. We’re going back to the roots, where young india lives and dreams. Our team will be working in rural areas and catering to specific needs.

We are focusing on three target areas:

1. Working on non-academic education with primary school children: Over the course of our program, we hope to sensitise them on environmental, gender and moral issues and inculcate a necessary critical manner of thinking through debating and newspaper reading.

2. Health and Menstruation sensitisation with women and adolescent girls: We hope to break the taboos and myths surrounding menstruation for the village women. In the last three programs, we have aimed to break these myths with interactive sessions discussing menstruation, as well as the usage of sanitary napkins and making basic napkins using cotton and cloth.

3. Governance and Civic Awareness sessions with the villagers on the whole: In the past, we’ve conducted a survey on the implementation of the public pension schemes. In response to the problems we found, we worked with the villagers to file an RTI. We will be tackling more such schemes in order to allow the villagers to understand their responsibilities and the numerous schemes available. We also hope to inculcate a sense of maintaining sanitation in their own village, and building toilets in their houses.

Read our stories from volunteers and core team members below:


“This packet of joy popped up from nowhere, amidst all the work in Soda and I just couldn’t resist a pose! This and many more escapades have made my experience in Soda a truly memorable one, inspiring me daily for a better county.”

-Robin Kumar, Core Team Member, on revisiting Winter 2014 in Soda


“I met Dev ji on my first day. She told me that she wakes up at the crack of dawn, fills water and works in the fields. Being the youngest daughter-in-law, she takes care of the children and cooks for the family of ten all by herself.”

Dev ji is just one of the many ladies of Soda who work their hardest at what they do, and who inspire us to persevere in the face of obstacles in our own lives.

-Vasundhara Sharma, Core Team Member, on revisiting special moments from Summer 2015 in Soda.