Asmat India: Time to Rise

An NGO registered under the Societies Registration Act 1860 mobilizing the youth to work in Indian villages

We mobilize the youth to work at the grassroots - in the villages of India

Our Story

Gandhi ji famously said that “India lives in its villages” and till date the statement holds true.

  • About 65% of India’s population (which constitutes 11% of the world population) lives in its villages and 1 in every 4 rural residents is ‘poor’.

  • In such areas, even the basic necessities of life are not just unavailable but unheard of.

This is the population at the bottom of the pyramid of the big Indian dream.


Started by a group of students studying at Lady Shri Ram College in 2014, Asmat aims to bring about change at the grassroots level through youth mobilization. We started our work in Soda village in 2013. Since summer 2017, we have been working in our second village - Ahmadpur Darewala, Hayana. For more on our objectives and team, click on the link below!


What We Do


We believe in education for all - right from educating children beyond literacy in co-curricular activities and performance arts to imparting literacy to adults and creating awareness about welfare policies and subsidies. 

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We aim to harness the tailoring skills the women of Darewala possess into a viable source of income for them by equipping them with financial literacy and budgeting skills and generating demand for their products. 

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Substance abuse is a social menace that we want to tackle by understanding the nexus of demand and supply and its repercussions on families, especially women and children so we can address it appropriately on a household basis.


Asmat Experiences

Anahitha Sagar (Winter '14) conducting household surveys with women in Soda, Rajasthan
Sakshi Bansal (Summer '14) teaching English grammar to 5th grade girls
Shunyam Nanda (Winter '15) teaching women how to write their names for the first time

A Glimpse into our Work


Contact Information


C6 Tower 6, New Moti Bagh, 110021

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