Substance Abuse

Substance Abuse is a serious problem that has been eating away a lot of potential for growth and prosperity in the villages we have worked in. Substance Abuse or a patterned use of alcohol/drugs which are harmful is very common in Darewala, as observed by us in the various programmes conducted. As a focus area studied, substance abuse has widespread implications on the general well-being of the person in question as well as their family. Spending lavishly on alcohol, beedis, cigarettes and other intoxicants leads to essential necessities such as education, health and even food being ignored. Added to this is the problem of domestic violence.

In the various programmes conducted so far, we have been able to identify and quantify the extent of the abuse and the abusers, and have tried to help people who genuinely were interested in quitting the substance abuse by personal counselling and also by means of street plays.