Lack of adequate affordable institutions providing quality education is a major problem facing the villages of our country, as in the case of Soda and Darewala. Though the level of primary education is pretty decent, the state of the secondary education is abominable. Currently in Darewala, only one stream i.e. humanities is available for which also there are insufficient teachers. Private schools exist but are expensive and inaccessible to most children. The level of education is so poor that it’s a miracle if students know the subject they are pursuing a degree in. There is an urgent need to provide proper career counselling; the students don’t know the options that they have and simply follow the herd. A major chunk of the youth in the village has completed their MA but is currently unemployed.

Asmat has been making efforts to help the educational infrastructure by carrying out crash courses for subjects the students find difficult, trying to inculcate moral and ethical subjects when dealing with the younger children and also organizing career counselling sessions for the senior students.